Members' Gallery Mark Conti

Statement ·

I am concerned with and focused on the forms and content before me. Unlike mediums such as painting, where composition grows stroke by stroke in an additive way, photography is an organizational activity driven by the selection process. As there are no images without light, I react to illumination as a primary definer of form. My goal is to organize these forms and gather light in a way that allows the final image to become its own reality and, as much as possible, serve as its own source of light.

Subject wise, my work is varied, and I am equally drawn to natural and man-made subjects, often finding recurring forms in disparate images.

These shared forms in various images suggest series based imagery that grows from common connections that come to inform one another and are often an unexpected discovery on my part. The art, then, is ahead of the artist, enlightening and contributing to further to growth.

Selection and organization in the camera and subsequent interpretation by the materials creates images that I hope invites the viewer to reexamine what is before them as if seeing it for the first time, every time.

An invitation to enter a world on indeterminate size and scope. Tyrone, PA

Atmosphere and the lens combine in ways unique to photography. Huntingdon County, PA

A view of man's hand in creating forms in nature. Rattray Nature Preserve, Ontario Canada

Dense examination of form and texture in the natural world. Cape May, NJ

A Bleak and sterile view with a hint of life and color

Mysterious woods. Montgomery County, PA

Strong forms set against a chaotic landscape. Cape May Point, NJ

A study in form. Cape May point, NJ

A fractured disorienting landscape. Wissahickon Valley, PA

Panorama Landscape Rattray Ontario. A mysterious stark environment

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