Members' Gallery Annette Schreiber

Statement ·

The world around us is filled with wonderful moments.

Always fascinated by the beauty of nature and art,

I started painting and taking photographs, to make the unseen seen, in my early teenage years.

Born and brought up in East Germany, I moved at the age of 13 to West Germany and live now in Pennsylvania/USA,

I was surrounded by a huge variety of historic places and landscapes.

Starting out by capturing the nearby places I expanded my passion by traveling to far away places.

Driven by my love to picture everything, I got my Bachelor\'s Degree in  Photography in 1992. 

After eight years of practicing my knowledge and techniques I earned her Master\'s Degree in 2000.

To capture \"THE\" moment in perfect light and angle, 

to show the inherent natural beauty of things many of us take for granted, is my greatest aspiration.

The mood of the place, the silence and tranquility that's what I want to show. This photograph is taken in the early morning hours when the morning mist still is very present.

Being out in nature and bringing back in the impression it gave me, post processing the photograph to reflect the atmosphere of the moment in time.

Symmetry to me represents strength. A bridge, in this case the Manhattan Bridge, is a very majestic and strong connection to the other side.

Extreme perspectives, leading lines always fascinate me. I look for special angles, like here in this photograph to make it interesting for the spectator's eye to follow.

The diversity of the desert, the light, how it changes the colors of the sand, simply stunning. I want to inspire and to show the beauty of this moment and the location's atmosphere.

Skyscraper, fascinating architecture, depending on the angle the photograph is taken. This building would deserve a series of photographs because its appearance changes with the perspective it is observed.

As on the outside so on the inside. Buildings when observed on a deeper level treasure amazing formations in their interior design.

Busy streets, interesting buildings create the flair of NYC. I want to show the vitality and diversity of this energetic city.

Dubai's skyline is an amazing view to most of the people's eyes. The architecture is so multifaceted and refreshing because everything is so new. Gigantic buildings are lined up next to each other and give the city so many different looks from so many different angles. I wanted to catch the beauty of those artworks.

Nyc, fascinating place to be and mostly shown by well known sights like the Brooklyn Bridge or the skyline and so on. I wanted to show the beauty of the city from a different angle. Going behind the scenes and discovering often overseen views was what I wanted to show.

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