The History of Photography Collection

Images of each option in The History of Photography collection (click photo to enlarge)


The History of Photography collection

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and John Wind Maximal Art presents The History of Photography bracelet collection to commemorate PPAC's fifth anniversary. The bracelet collection includes up to five photography related charms of different cameras through the ages: the box camera, pinhole, movie, polaroid, and DSLR.

The History of Photography collection offers many options to complement the collaborative spirit of Maximal Art and PPAC. With a donation of $95, you can choose a silver-plated chain bracelet with any one of the five charms in one of three colors--Indigo, Black or Clear. With a donation of $200, you can choose their color and receive a bracelet with all five charms. These multi-charm bracelets are limited to 25 signed and numbered pieces in each color.


About John Wind Maximal Art

John Wind studied at the Slade School of Art in London, where he became heavily influenced by vintage, flea markets and Victorian jewelry. In 1985, he returned to Philadelphia and launched Maximal Art. John Wind Maximal Art has a “Modern Vintage aesthetic that is inspired by a passion for travel, art, fashion, and style, along with a love for the symbolism and history of vintage jewelry.” Pieces designed by John are included in the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris. John Wind Maximal Art often collaborates locally and has recently designed a collection for the Cancer Support Community. The vast majority of the work is designed and assembled in the USA, in the Philadelphia studio by John and his team of artists.