Youth Education

Our youth education curriculums combine art history, visual literacy, and technology. Designed for teens, our Youth Workshops focus on micro-lessons that serve to broaden a young person’s perspective on what photography can be. Our summer camps are an excellent intro to the many worlds of photography. Learn how to master your skills on a DSLR camera while photographing at various locations around the city in On-Location Digital Beginnings. Taking place in PPAC’s classroom, gallery and around our neighborhood, our Full Day Summer Camps will explore the technical and real world applications of photography. Both camps support practice and encourage critical thinking skills. Please pre-register for workshops and summer camps to ensure enrollment. All offerings require 3 students to run. PPAC reserves the right to cancel any class due to insufficient attendance. Registration may be made online, over the phone, or in person at PPAC. Fees must be paid in full and in advance.
Refund Policy
You may cancel up to five days in advance to receive a refund, after that time no refunds or credits will be issued, no exceptions. PPAC will not provide refunds for classes, workshops, or tutorials missed as a result of students’ illness, emergencies, absence or any other events beyond PPAC’s control. Please send cancellation requests to: