Artists in Residence 2018-19

We are excited to introduce Saleem Ahmed, John Edmonds, Jibade-Khalil Huffman and Amiko Li as our 2018 Artists in Residence.

Our Artist Residency program assists working artists in the continuation of ongoing projects, or the creation of new work. For one month of the artist’s choosing, PPAC provides a $3,000 honorarium, free usage of printing and scanning equipment, a $1,500 credit towards ink and paper fees in their state-of-the-art Artist Lab, and a $1,000 stipend for travel and/or housing, if necessary. In addition to furthering their artistic practice, each PPAC Artist in Residence works collaboratively with the organization to design two public events with the goal of engaging the audiences in the arts.

Originally from Brookfield, Connecticut, Saleem Ahmed currently resides in Philadelphia and will focus his time as an artist in residence developing his family history project, Land of Kings. The project is a follow-up to his self-published book, Rani Road, which was released at last year’s Philadelphia Art Book Fair. Following a 2015 trip to his family’s hometown of Udaipur, India, Ahmed began compiling an archive of family photographs that complement those he took during his visit of his grandmother’s home, surrounding neighborhoods and places his mother grew up. While his original work, Rani Road, acted as a narrative of the women in his family through the lens of gender roles, domestic ideology, and beauty, Land of Kings will explore the male identity found within his family.

John Edmonds of Brooklyn, New York is interested in the intersection of art history and anthropology and focuses his practice on the classical notions of beauty and desire with people from everyday encounters. During his residency, Edmonds will focus on his in-progress series Tribe, which looks at picture-making as a ritualistic act of beautification and is comprised of hair abstractions, still life photos and figural studies of models and African sculpture. Tribe focuses on the treatment of both different hairstyles within black culture, such as waves and cornrows, and divine light, the photographs will ultimately arrive at a place between contemporary and classical, and photography and sculpture, blending past and present into a nostalgic image of beauty.

Jibade-Khalil Huffman of New York is an artist and the author of three books of poems whose practice can be broken down into three parts: writing, image making and where these two meet in the middle. Huffman will utilize his residency to continue his work on a series of photographs and related writing to be featured in his first book of photographs, which will be published early next year. The central premise of the photographs is the deconstruction of the “straight” photograph, which the pictures themselves hovering between found and constructed. He will also use this time to experiment with his craft.

Originally from China and residing in New York, Amiko Li is a visual artist who is exploring an aleatoric approach to Chinese vernacular culture and the paradox of intimacy and distance through strategies of reenactment and mistranslation. He will use his time as an artist in residence to work on sequencing and experiment with a series of photographs to convey the Chinese culture, not from an exoticized or political angle for Western expectation, but one that focuses on the productions he grew up experiencing. He will look at the things outside of the stereotypical images of culture.

Last year, PPAC supported three artists in residence through grants from National Endowment for the Arts and The Honickman Foundation, and this year that number has grown to four.

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