The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2009 and is dedicated to fostering the study, practice, and appreciation of contemporary photography. These three pillars of PPAC’s mission support the production and exhibition of work at the leading edge of photographic practice, in-depth education, and innovative programming connecting artists with audiences, engaging them as more than just passive viewers of work, but as part of the creative process.  


  • Executive Director Sarah Stolfa, a practicing photographer, founded the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (PPAC) in 2009 after graduating from the Yale University School of Art with her MFA in Photography. Sarah created the organization along with founding board members Tom Callan, Martin McNamara, Mary Brown and Stuart Rome.
  • PPAC was modeled after successful organizations in New York City, Houston, Syracuse and Seattle to provide essential resources for the construction of a vibrant and influential contemporary photography community that would keep artists living and working in Philadelphia.
  • The existing resources in Philadelphia were analyzed to identify the needs of local community members. One of the primary needs that emerged was affordable access to digital photography equipment in a community setting since many contemporary artists regularly use digital technology in their practice.
  • PPAC exists to ensure that contemporary artists and enthusiasts can continue to learn and grow as the medium of photography shifts now and in the future.